William Ris Gallery Opens New Group Show in Jamesport

Art by Rasa Valiene at William Ris Gallery
Art by Rasa Valiene at William Ris Gallery
Courtesy William Ris Gallery

William Ris Gallery in Jamesport (1291 Main Road) is presenting a new group show, Isadora, Rasa & Will with Ceramics by Bobbie & Bob Dalpiaz, with a special opening reception this Saturday, October 23 from 4–7 p.m. The exhibition highlights paintings by local artists, including two with international roots: Isadora Capraro, Rasa Valiene and Will Ryan.

Art by Isadora Capraro at William Ris Gallery
Art by Isadora CapraroCourtesy William Ris Gallery

Isadora Capraro immigrated to Argentina from Italy in the mid 1990s. After graduating from Buenos Aires’ National School of Fine Arts she settled in New York City. The artist often hides figures in her work, adding nuance to the paintings, which construct a universe where the human figure merges with nature. She is part of the renowned and artistic Cuttica family that has recently established itself as a significant influence in the regional art scene.

Rasa Valiene moved to the East End of Long Island from Lithuania 20 years ago. Her work leans toward the surreal with symbolism inspired by her international experience. Rasa is fascinated by the infinite intricacy and complexity of the universe as well as nature and human consciousness.

Art by Will Ryan at William Ris Gallery
Art by Will RyanCourtesy William Ris Gallery

Will Ryan is a force in the Hamptons’ art community. His focus merges many art forms such as painting, photography, music and poetry. In the artist’s words, “On a quest for spirit, playfulness and primal beauty, my goal is to approach each new work with joy and curiosity; trusting in knowing when to lead, and when to follow.”

Bobbie Dalpiaz blends her ceramics with her husband Bob Dalpiaz’s wood sculpting. The Long Island residents are displaying their functional and sculptural pieces along with the other artists’ painting and mixed media works hanging on the walls.

William Ris Gallery
William Ris Gallery

This exhibition will be on view at the William Ris Gallery through November 28 and is free to the public. Gallery hours are Thursday–Monday noon–5 p.m. Appointments are available for convenience.

William Ris Gallery shows an extensive selection of original contemporary works by East Coast artists with a Long Island concentration. Call 609-408-5203 or visit williamris.com.