Congrats to Dan’s Best of the Best 2022 Contest Winners!

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Congratulations are in order!

It’s that time once again. Your ballots have been cast and counted, and it’s time to unveil the winners of the 2022 Dan’s Best of the Best contest.

People who’ve spent a lifetime, or even one day, on the East End know it’s a truly special place with a unique blend of luxury and small-town charm. The villages and hamlets that make up the South Fork, more commonly known as the Hamptons, and North Fork are teeming with top-quality stores to shop, restaurants to indulge in, entertainment to enjoy and professionals to contact for any number of jobs you require. While many East End businesses are amazing in their own right, they can’t all be the best, and that’s where the Dan’s Best of the Best contest comes in.

Debuting in the 1990s, the Dan’s Best of the Best contest has, for decades, called upon the insights and opinions of East End visitors, second-home owners and true locals who know the area’s businesses, organizations and professionals best. Tens of thousands of votes from these individuals have poured in via and now that they’ve been tallied, we’re finally ready to make the big announcement. Included in the 2023 Winners Guide are the cream of the crop: the one better-than-the-rest winner, or two in the case of a tie, in each of the contest’s 400-plus categories, as voted for by Dan’s Papers readers like you. Also featured are our Dan’s Best of the Best Hall of Fame honorees, who have defied all odds to win the same contest category 10 or more times over the years.

Looking for the best pizza in the Hamptons? The Winners Guide has you covered. Best winery tours on the North Fork? It’s in here too, just trust the voters. Best Home & Auto businesses providing services to the East End? Some may be further up-island, but their scores of loyal customers in the Twin Forks area have earned them a place among the winners listed in the Winners Guide’s pages. One last round of congratulations is in order for the 2022 Dan’s Best of the Best contest-winning businesses, organizations and professionals who’ve proven themselves as the best the Hamptons and North Fork have to offer. The East End wouldn’t be the same without them.

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Click the 2022 Winners Guide cover below to flip through the pages of the digital edition:

Dan's Best of the Best 2022 Winners Guide
Dan’s Best of the Best 2022 Winners Guide