Joe Chierchio Creates His 32nd Dan’s Papers Cover for Mother’s Day

May 6, 2022 Dan's Papers cover art (detail) by Joe Chierchio
May 6, 2022 Dan’s Papers cover art (detail) by Joe Chierchio

In honor of Mother’s Day, this week’s cover features the delightful work of Joe Chierchio. Here, he discusses the inspiration behind the piece, his mother’s life-changing influence on his career and more.

Joe Chierchio
Joe Chierchio

Happy 32nd Dan’s Papers cover! Tell us about this piece — its name, inspiration and the narrative within.

Thank you, Dan’s Papers. It has been an honor. Each cover is a new journey and challenge. The name of the piece is ”Party Boat.” I am inspired by today’s confident women. From Wonder Woman to the president of a global company, they do it all.

"Wonder Woman" by Joe Chierchio
“Wonder Woman” by Joe Chierchio

We’ve chosen this piece as our Mother’s Day cover. If the gift in the piece were from you to a mother in your life, what might be inside?

My first gift I gave to my mother on Mother’s Day: Evening in Paris perfume, which I bought at the corner drug store. It was a beautiful dark blue bottle as intriguing as the name suggests. She kept that bottle for years.

What is one Mother’s Day memory that you remember fondly?

Mother’s Day always meant springtime. My fond memories of the budding season were of my mom riding the small John Deere mower. She loved mowing the grass. When all was done, she would park it in the barn, come inside and prepare dinner. There was no stopping her.

Art by Joe Chierchio
Art by Joe Chierchio

How has your own mother influenced your path as an artist?

My mom was the biggest influence in my life. As a kid in the ’50s, we used to draw together. She was a self-taught artist. We would copy the “Draw Me” picture on the matchbook cover. She said, “Joey, you got art talent. You’re going to art school.” At 14 years old, I took an art test at Industrial Arts High School in NYC. I passed and was accepted. It was the proudest moment of my life. Thank you, Mom, you put my life on a straight path that I follow today. Her words were, “Don’t wait for your ship to come in — row out and meet it.”

Art by Joe Chierchio
Art by Joe Chierchio

How do your inspirations and/or creative process change as the weather gets warmer?

Weather or not, I keep creating. It’s like the United States Postal Service creed: “Neither snow nor rain … nor gloom of night …” can stop me from creating art.

What is one artistic hope or goal you have for this summer or this year?

Keep the creative juices flowing. Try new ideas. And with my art, reach as many people as possible. And of course more Dan’s covers.

Art by Joe Chierchio
Art by Joe Chierchio

Would you like to share any closing thoughts or additional info?

Hoping the world becomes a safer and more peaceful place.

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May 6, 2022 Dan's Papers cover art by Joe Chierchio
May 6, 2022 Dan’s Papers cover art by Joe Chierchio