50 Things to Do Before Memorial Day: Ride Greenport’s Antique Carousel

Ride the Greenport Carousel!
Ride the Greenport Carousel! Photo: Ingram Publishing/Thinkstock

Memorial Day weekend draws ever closer, and while we at Dan’s Papers can’t wait, we also know there are many things we have to squeeze in during the next few weeks on the East End, lest we lose our chance with all that summer brings. We know that if we don’t get out and do these now, we’ll have to wait until after Labor Day before we try again…and so will you!

We continue our countdown of things to do before Memorial Day weekend on the East End with #17: Ride Greenport’s Antique Carousel

The antique carousel in Greenport’s Mitchell Park is a must-see for any Hamptonite planning an outing to the North Fork. The Old-Timey music and classic feeling of this carousel is hard to come by, and Mitchell Park showcases some of the most beautiful views available in the village of Greenport. But don’t delay — this carousel is extra popular at the height of the season.

While the glass pavilion enclosing it may leave you wondering how “antique” the carousel could actually be, the ride itself is more than 100 years old! And, while the fare is a hefty $2, it should be noted that one lucky rider stays on the carousel for the next ride. That’s right; if you’re clever enough to draw the brass ring from the dispenser at the outside edge of the carousel, your next ride is free! This challenge offers some much-needed competition, so often absent from modern carousel rides. Many East Enders have fond (and/or painful) memories of coming to Greenport early in the morning with $4, vying for the brass ring and eventually having to be removed by a increasingly impatient father.

For a more mature audience, the carousel offers an interesting and relaxing break from the busier and busier streets here on the East End as we gear up for the season. Before Memorial Day, the Greenport carousel is open only on Saturdays and Sundays  from 10 a.m.–6 p.m. On any weekend day in late spring, a quick spin on this historic ride is a fitting and welcome activity.

After Memorial Day, the hours extend to weekdays, but don’t stall too long, or you may be waiting for an open horse!

Come back tomorrow for 50 Things to Do Before Memorial Day in the Hamptons #16.

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