Podcast: Dan Talks with David Berg – ‘Run, Brother, Run’ Author

David Berg, author of "Run, Brother, Run"
David Berg, author of “Run, Brother, Run”

In each episode of the “Who’s Here in the Hamptons” podcast (aka Dan’s Talks), Dan’s Papers founder Dan Rattiner introduces you to a new guest, some well known, others with interesting careers and stories, authors, musicians, restaurateurs, some characters and some behind-the-scenes people who live, work and play in the summer paradise of the rich and famous.

David Berg, Author of Run, Brother, Run

Episode 127: This week on the “Dan’s Talks” podcast, Dan speaks with David Berg, author of Run, Brother, Run. The book is described as a “searing family memoir of a tempestuous Texas boyhood that led to the vicious murder of the author’s brother.”

Berg will take part in a panel called “How to Bring a Cold Case Back to Life” at East Hampton Library on Sunday, April 16 as part of the Hamptons Mystery & Crime Festival.

Visit hamptonswhodunit.com for Crime Festival tickets and info.

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