NAIA at the Capri Chef/Partner Andrew Molen Joins Rosé Soirée on May 28

NAIA at the Capri chef/partner Andrew Molen at Southampton Arts Center
Andrew Molen at Southampton Arts Center
Patrick McMullan/PMC
The Capri Hotel in Southampton, in partnership with NAIA Hamptons, fuses amazing food and drink with music and art for a one-of-a-kind experience in a European beach-chic setting with a high-energy crowd.

As part of their efforts, guests enjoy farm to table international cuisine and craft cocktails, and chef/partner Andrew Molen is bringing their epic dining experience to this year’s Dan’s Rosé Soirée.

Dan’s Papers Rosé Soirée, a celebration of rosé — the East End’s unofficial summer drink — is kicking off the Twin Forks’ unofficial start of summer on Memorial Day weekend, Sunday, May 28 at the Southampton Arts Center.

We spoke to Molen about his career path, new food trends, unique kitchen rituals and more in the lead up to this year’s Rosé Soirée.

NAIA at the Capri Chef Andrew Molen Talks Rosé Soirée

How did you get into this line of work?

From the time I came out of the womb, I accompanied my mother to her bar and restaurant in NYC. I was hooked from that early an age. Through the years I have worked with some amazing restaurants and chefs, including Todd English, Gordon Ramsay, The Essex House and beyond.

What new food trends are you seeing? 

People eat with their eyes. The foods they are then asking for must fulfill the flavors their eyes consume with every bite they take. We are seeing a trend towards fun, Instagramable, flavorful, healthy dishes with a global mixture to satisfy the senses.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw a great deal of inspiration from Instagram. Every day I am inspired by new ideas that I am able to develop from so much of what I see on Instagram. Fun, unique, colorful, healthy combinations that serve up beautifully and taste equally amazing.

What is your comfort food and why?

My comfort food is tacos. I love Mexican food, grew up with it. From my grandfather’s taco cart to my mother’s restaurant and beyond, I love a good taco. However, I love a good pepperoni pizza as well.

What is a unique kitchen ritual that you practice?

I love being able to taste everything I cook and have everyone be involved in the process. I want the front of the house and the back of the house involved in all that we are creating, cooking up and doing.

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