Bram Majtlis & Nick Gold: Palm Beach, Compass Community Center and ‘Lemon Sorbet for the Soul’

Bram Majtlis and Nick Gold
Bram Majtlis and Nick Gold
Annie Watt

In a world where “power” and “power couple” are terms that are thrown around way too often, we are going to discuss an “impactful,” “conscious” and “civic-minded” couple of 34 years: Bram Majtlis and Nick Gold.

This is what makes them powerful. Past experiences such as Gold being the former press secretary for three Atlanta mayors, and Majtlis being an executive in the hospitality industry with managerial positions including KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, amongst others, have made them an indispensable asset to the Palm Beach community.

Of course, the first question I had to ask was, “Thirty-four years? How did you achieve that?” I asked them separately without the other one in the room. Majtlis’ response was: “Never take each other for granted.” Gold’s response was: “Compromise.”

A Conversation with Bram Majtlis and Nick Gold

Bram, can you explain your mission as a board member of the Compass Community Center and their mission? Why do you find it such an important organization?

Compass’ mission is to engage, empower and enrich the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people, and those impacted by HIV/AIDS. In 2023, the mission of Compass is more important than ever.

The services they provide for our community are vitally important and invaluable, as they take care of many needs — from healthcare and counseling, to multiple support groups, a business alliance and much more. Compass provides a haven of love and understanding. It is indeed a privilege and high honor for me to serve on this board, which I do not take lightly.

Nick, you are involved as well with Compass, serving on the host committee for their major fundraising event, Cocktails for Compass. Could you share a few of your thoughts?

Since Bram and I first arrived in Florida in 2007 we have been avid supporters of Compass and the annual Cocktails for Compass, as well as other events. Compass is the only organization in Palm Beach County and the surrounding area to offer such a wide spectrum of services that are much needed in our community.

I encourage your readers to take a 30-minute tour of the center in Lake Worth Beach, and I assure you that they will walk away with a sense of awe and respect for the great work that is done there each and every day.

Nick, earlier you had mentioned a quote you heard about Palm Beach being “lemon sorbet for the soul.”

Yes, when I think about the sheer beauty of Palm Beach and how fortunate we are to live here, I am reminded of what part-time Palm Beach resident Jonathan Adler once said about Palm Beach, that “it’s lemon sorbet for the soul — rich, fulfilling and always a treat.” That quote makes me smile and feels like a good analogy for the special place we call home.

Bram, talk to us about being on the Code Enforcement Board and what that means to you?

I love where I live, and Palm Beach is an exceptional place. It is so beautiful because there are rules and regulations put in place to preserve its loveliness. Have you ever noticed that there are no billboards in Palm Beach? This is because we are not inundated with commercialism; people can focus on Palm Beach’s natural magnificence, not what people try to sell them.

The number one task of the Code Enforcement Board is to bring people into compliance who violate the town’s codes and ordinances. These codes and regulations foremost preserve the city’s beauty and ensure to keep it the special place it is.

Nick, you had mentioned some of the enchanting and beautiful things about Palm Beach. Can you be a bit more specific in terms of arts venues, culture, et cetera?

Palm Beach is unique because it’s a small community offering world-class amenities. Not only do we have an airport located just minutes away from town, but also several cultural organizations, including the Society of the Four Arts, the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach and, located just across the bridge in West Palm Beach, the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, the Norton Museum of Art and the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens.

I can’t think of another more beautiful and idyllic place to call home than Palm Beach. I must pinch myself each time I leave my home, drive along South Ocean Boulevard, and gaze at the turquoise-colored ocean lapping against the beach — with the most beautiful homes and estates as a backdrop. It’s truly magical.

Nick, you are both involved with the Chamber of Commerce’s LGBTQ+ business socials. Can you discuss the significance of this?

Having worked in the tourism industry here in Palm Beach County for nearly a decade, I have had the opportunity to participate in several organizations, including the Worth Avenue Association, Discover the Palm Beaches, Dress for Success of the Palm Beaches, United Way of the Town of Palm Beach, the Palm Beach County Food Bank, amongst others.

In addition, serving as an ambassador for the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce this season has been a tremendous joy. During each breakfast meeting held at the iconic Breakers Hotel, I can engage with nearly 500 business and community leaders from Palm Beach and the surrounding area.

Bram, you have a strong sense of integrity and social justice. Would you mention the quote that your Mom would say to you? It seems to have relevance even today.

My Jewish heritage and my family’s history caused my mother, who had survived the Nazi regime as one of five of a family of 80, to instill specific values due to her horrific experiences during World War II. Mom taught me that “when you see injustice in front of your eyes, you speak up, you never walk away. By doing so, you help to prevent a repeat of history.”

Finally, could you both discuss the diversity and inclusion that we are all trying to hold onto and how you feel included and heard in Palm Beach? What advice do you have for the young LGBTQ+ youth of today?

Our advice to LGBTQ+ youth today is to claim your seat at the table and let your voice be heard. What matters most is what you bring to the table — honesty, integrity, decency and respect — and can only be returned to you when you show it to others, but never hide who you are. Be proud of who you are, and know that you are not alone and that love will always win!

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