White Room Gallery Owners Discuss Stéphane Gubert Cover Art

Stéphane Gubert and his April 28, 2023 Dan's Papers cover art
Stéphane Gubert and his April 28, 2023 Dan’s Papers cover art

This week’s eye-catching cover by French artist Stéphane Gubert was brought to us by The White Room Gallery. Here, the gallery’s owners, Andrea McCafferty and Kat O’Neill, discuss the cover art “Deconfine,” Gubert’s career and upcoming exhibitions.

Stéphane Gubert’s "Mickey Pop" (acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 40" x 30")
Stéphane Gubert’s “Mickey Pop” (acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 40″ x 30″)Courtesy The White Room Gallery

How is this week’s cover art, Stéphane Gubert’s “Deconfine,” representative of the artistic voice and style found in Gubert’s other works?

In each of his collections there is a unique identity marked by vibrant palettes, lines and popular codes. His style is inspired by the great masters Roy Lichtenstein, Hervé Télémaque, Jean Dubuffet and Valerio Adami.

Each of his works tackles a societal concept or news that inspires. Gubert intertwines comics with his passion for street art.

His works from the Touclean collection seen here and on the cover are packed with colors and imagery. The cover painting, “Deconfine,” is a work of hope and resilience, celebrating the post-COVID exit from the deprivations of liberty.

Through all his paintings, Stéphane captures humanity with its pleasures, violence, greatness and, at times, ridiculousness.

He highlights one character or several heroes depending on the message he is trying to impart, always without judgement. The top of “Deconfine” welcomes the new world with clouds giving way to a golden sun.

"Hey Girl" (acrylic and spray paint on canvas)
Stéphane Gubert’s “Hey Girl” (acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 40″ x 30″)Courtesy The White Room Gallery

What themes does Gubert explore in his line of works at The White Room Gallery?

The themes are varied. “Love Love” is, you guessed it, about love. “Deconfine” is about renewal. “Mickey Pop” is a nod to childlike innocence while “Hey Girl” is about empowerment and freedom.

The link between all these works is a desire to communicate on two levels: one purely aesthetic and the other a deeper message engendering emotions and questions all done in a spirit of serious work that does not take itself too seriously. 

When did The White Room Gallery’s relationship with Gubert begin, and how has his status in the art world evolved since you first acquired his work? 

We have represented Stéphane for about two years. In that time, he has shown throughout France and Europe, South Africa and most recently in St. Tropez and St. Raphaël on the French Riviera. We were the first gallery to represent him in the U.S.

What would you say has been the greatest accolade or achievement of Gubert’s career so far?

His street art mural in France, and his latest collaboration with the prestigious brand RT Surfboards where he is creating a goldsmith’s finish with actual jewels.

Stephane Gubert's "Love Love" is on view at The White Room Gallery now in the Hamptons
Stephane Gubert’s “Love Love” is on view at The White Room Gallery now.Courtesy The White Room Gallery

Would you like to share any additional information about upcoming shows? 

PLAYTIME is the gallery’s next exhibit where we will be launching our exclusive luxury line of fine art with a reception on May 6, 5–7 p.m. The best you can drive, wear, sip and stroll are lionized in vibrant mixed media, graffiti-infused creations from artist Seek One.

Then we will be featuring LA street/fashion-inspired artist Punk Me Tender as the kick-off of his world tour “Love Me Tender” with his vibrant flowers and butterflies followed by Nelson De La Nuez’s humor and homage to various pop styles featured in “Wake Me For Champagne” and then onto Russell Young’s celebrity mug shots and diamond-dusted icons featured in “Rebel Rebel.”

In July we will also be at Hamptons Fine Art Fair in Southampton, booth #325.

To see more of Stéphane Gubert’s work and to inquire about purchases or commissions, visit thewhiteroom.gallery or visit The White Room Gallery at 2415 Main Street, Bridgehampton during gallery hours.

Stéphane Gubert’s "Deconfine" (acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 40" x 30") in full
Stéphane Gubert’s “Deconfine” (acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 40″ x 30″) in fullCourtesy The White Room Gallery