Power Women Podcast: Scotto Sisters Discuss ‘Meatballs, Mangia & Memories’

The Scotto Sisters, Rosanna Scotto and Elaina Scotto
The Scotto Sisters, Rosanna Scotto and Elaina Scotto

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The Scotto Sisters, Elaina & Rosanna Scotto

This week on the Power Women podcast, Vicki speaks with the Scotto Sisters, Elaina and Rosanna Scotto, about their new book Meatballs, Mangia & Memories and their New York City restaurant Fresco by Scotto.

In Meatballs, Mangia & Memories, the Scotto Sisters celebrate 30 years of family, food, and fun at their popular restaurant! With 15 different stories following their family traditions and the multitude of celebrity appearances at Fresco by Scotto, Elaina and Rosanna share the ins and outs of New York hospitality and more than 100 recipes. The book includes some of their restaurant’s most famous dishes and recipes for everyone, from beginner cooks to seasoned professionals.

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