Tango Goes To Montauk: Inaugural Montauk Tango Festival Coming March 31-April 2

Tango Goes to Montauk will be held March 31-April 2.
Tango Goes to Montauk will be held March 31-April 2.

Montauk will be filled with the sights and sounds of dancers doing the tango for the inaugural weekend-long festival called Tango Goes To Montauk running March 31-April 2.

The Montauk tango festival is packed with activities for people of all experience levels. Dance to the Latin Grammy Award-winning Pedro Giraudo Tango Quartet, or sign up for a beginners-only or advanced tango lesson. Not much for dancing? No problem. Enjoy complimentary cocktails and appetizers, learn about the rich history of tango, or listen to world renowned musicians in a fun yet intimate atmosphere. 

“People get a little afraid sometimes that tango is too difficult,” says Dr. Lewis Gross, a longtime Montauk resident and tango enthusiast who is organizing the event. “It really is not. And so we’re going to have a complete beginners workshop with great teachers, and make it fun.” 

Gross’ tango travels all over the world, from Europe to St. Petersburg, led to a realization: what better tango destination than Montauk? Tango Goes To Montauk is his realization of that vision — an unforgettable weekend that will plant the seed of a thriving tango community on the East End. 

Though tango is known as “the dancer’s dance,” there’s no need for amateurs to be intimidated. Even a self-described tango addict such as Gross was once new to the art. Twenty years ago when Gross heard beautiful music coming from a nearby tango parlor, it was love at first sound. Now he’s trying to bring the unique experience of the dance, the style, and the passionate community to everyone he can, regardless of skill level. 

Big names in the tango community are spending the weekend performing, teaching, and enjoying everything Montauk has to offer. Co-hosting the event with Dr. Gross is Renee Rouger, a Buenos Aires native who has been fully immersed in the New York City tango scene for over 20 years. Award-winning tango teachers Carlos and Maureen Urrego are here for all your beginner needs. The more seasoned dancers out there can take a more advanced class with Guillermina Quiroga and Mariano Logiduce who have performed on Broadway and in Carnegie Hall, or Tony award-winning Guillermo Merlo. 

During Saturday’s Grand Milogna at Sel Rrose, these world-renowned tango couples will be performing their craft to sets of live music by the grammy-winning Pedro Giraudo Tango Quartet. Plus, hotels are offering discounted rates so the fun weekend is easily accessible to all. 

“These are the all stars of the tango community, and they’ll be dancing 10 feet from you,” Gross says. “So there’s an intimacy of the performance that’s unique, as opposed to being in a Broadway theater.” 

Tango Goes to Montauk events will be held at South Edison, Sel Rrose and 668 Gig Shack. For tickets and more information, visit eventbrite.com/e/montauk-tango-festival-tickets-488781818577