3-Time Chopped Champ Marc Bynum Is Ready for Rosé Soirée

Marc Anthony Bynum of Hush American Bistro. Chef Marc Bynum
Chef Marc Bynum

Among our participating chefs and talents at this year’s Rosé Soirée, Marc Bynum is a three-time Chopped champion who was born and raised on Long Island. He recently opened The Pie Hole pizzeria in Farmingdale, a pizza place with Caribbean flair as seen with the chef’s eponymous brand, Marc Bynum Concepts (MBC).

Dan’s Papers Taste of Summer’s Rosé Soirée, a celebration of rosé — the East End’s unofficial summer drink — is kicking off the Twin Forks’ unofficial start of summer on Memorial Day weekend, Sunday, May 28 at the Southampton Arts Center.

We spoke to Bynum about the local food and wine scene, his kitchen inspiration, and his participation in Rosé Soirée.

Meet Chef Marc Bynum

How did you get into this line of work?

I always loved watching my mom cook — she was my early inspiration. The first time I was on a hot line at 14, feeling that energy, there was nothing like it. I’ve been hooked ever since.

What new food trends are you seeing?

More chefs of color are doing slice. More vegetarian and vegan inspired menus and food, more private dinners, more infused dinners and cocktails.

What is your favorite dish?

My favorite dish from myself would most likely be my Shoyu Ramen. It’s one of my most sophisticated yet simple dishes, and I put it up against anything, fine dining or casual.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

The seasons and what’s fresh, as well as other chefs that I follow and restaurants that I dine at throughout the world. I also draw from my team that I work with daily, and my chef friends.

Who do you most admire in the food/wine world and why?

Alfred Portale is one of my favorites. Gotham Bar and Grill shaped my early years as a cook. Also Patrick O’Connell’s The Inn at Little Washington — what that restaurant has done for that town is transformative.

What’s your comfort food and why?

My comfort food go-to is pork and beans — I’m talking Bush’s baked beans, Ball Park Franks, onions, hot sauce. This dish takes right back to when I was a kid and there wasn’t a care in the world. This is the true definition of comfort food.

What’s a unique kitchen ritual you practice?

Before every service I play praise and worship for the first hour on pandora. Just to usher in good vibes and set a tone of appreciation and hospitality for the day.

Learn more about Marc Bynum and his MBC brand at marcbynumconcepts.com

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