The Oscar Molina Gallery hosts their Women’s Work Opening Reception

The Oscar Molina Gallery recently opened an exhibit that celebrates the works of female artists and Women’s History as a whole. With a diverse range of artistic mediums and styles placed on display, the exhibition featured 17 artists with their own unique perspectives. The showcasing included a mixture of paintings, conceptual multimedia, etching, photography, and sculptures, providing an intriguing representation of the ingenuity of a woman’s creativity. Covering a number themes from travels of the mind to girlhood, climate change to tongue-in-cheek commentary, this event was sure to open the eyes of any of its onlookers. These women and their contributions to the art realm were celebrated by the venue, as each piece of art was unveiled in an expert and thoughtfully-crafted regard. For any of whom missed the reception, this beautifully assembled display is open until May 21st to ensure the promotion of female artist perspectives and voices.