LongHouse Reserve 2023 Season Opens: A Year of Legacy & Learning

LongHouse Reserve, East Hampton’s 16-acre sculpture garden and nature reserve, recently opened with new works of art, new hours, a new curator, a new education director, and a commitment to a chemical-free landscape.

The 2023 season displays include significant new works of art including two large scale sculptures by Maren Hassinger and three by Wyatt Kahn, plus a special exhibition curated by Glenn Adamson and designed by Colin King. Popular permanent collection pieces by Buckminster Fuller, Sol Lewitt, Yoko Ono, Toshiko Takaezu and many others remain on view, along with the renewed loan of sculptures from Cheng Tsung Feng and William and Steven Ladd. The sculptures by Wyatt Kahn—ParadePainting the Painter and Umbrella—were among seven installed last year by the Public Art Fund in City Hall Park in Lower Manhattan. Fabricated in Corten steel, which weathers into a deep rusted red, the works combine elements of geometric abstraction with objects from everyday life—such as, in Parade—a foot about to crush a light bulb.

As is its longtime tradition, the LongHouse Reserve season opens with the Rites of Spring celebration with nearly one million daffodils and rare bulb plants in bloom.  Refreshments were served and families are invited to weave branches from the garden with Maren Hassinger to create her site-specific Monuments, or join in a fabric puppet making workshop with Kim Profaci.